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Alterations and Extensions

We have extensive experience in the structural design of alterations, refurbishments and extensions. This may range from a single beam to allow removal of load-bearing wall, through to a major remodelling of an existing building.

We are also experienced in the design of basements.

How we can help:


Our involvement will depend on the level of complexity, but typically we would:

  • Make a site visit if necessary

  • Undertake the structural design of the elements required - considering both the strength and stiffness requirements

  • Check the lateral stability of the structure

  • Prepare a set of drawings and specifications showing the structural requirements

  • Design any steelwork connections required – we do not charge extra for this service

  • Prepare any reinforcement detailing drawings needed – we will include this in our fixed fees

  • Prepare a set of calculations that should be submitted to building control or an approved inspector

We are committed to deliver a high quality and bespoke service for all of our clients no matter the size or complexity of the project.

If you have a building alteration or extension which requires a local structural engineer, contact our team today.

How We're Keeping You Safe:

In order to keep our clients and staff safe, we will still be wearing the necessary PPE and face masks during any visits. If you have any concerns about a site visit, please contact us as we can find alternatives to allow our structural design to be carried out in a way that you feel comfortable with. You can find out more about our ongoing working practices here.

Do you have a building alteration or extension that requires a local structural engineer?

What our clients say
"I recommend Modulus every time a structural engineer is needed as we are long established roofing contractors."


- Darryl Moran, Moran Roofing

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