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Publication Services


At Structronix we offer a number of services to help you with the authoring and production of your civil and structural engineering publications, ranging from subject research through to managing the writing process of a task group or panel. Our services are bespoke to suit your needs:

Research & Authoring

Many technical experts and specialists have a detailed knowledge of their subject, but conveying that knowledge and experience is a skill in its own right. Time and other work priorities are also a barrier to producing technical information. We are experienced in taking the technical knowledge and using it to produce books, design guides, marketing brochures and web pages that meet the needs of the target audience.

We can meet with your technical experts to draw out the knowledge that you want to convey. We can then produce the text, diagrams, charts and images and then plan the layout in an easy-to-use and attractive format for your approval.

Managing the Authoring Process

When technical publications are produced by a panel of volunteer experts, the authoring process can become drawn out, especially where one of those experts is also chairing the panel. We can assist by supporting the panel in the following ways:

  • Administration

  • Collating contributions

  • Arranging meetings

  • Taking minutes

  • Setting realistic and achievable timescales

  • Prompting contributors to ensure that deadlines are met

  • Advising on technical editing issues at an early stage

  • Ensuring the draft document is in a format that is compatible with  the design and print production process.

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