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Case Study

Bullocks Farm


This client owns a farm in Northeast Hampshire with a listed agricultural building on site that they wanted converted to a residential unit.

 The 19th century building was considered to have historic value due to its location in a farm setting, however it was in need of serious restoration after years of non-use and deterioration.

The client had made previous attempts to get planning permission but were unfortunately unsuccessful due to an insufficient survey information.

Modulus was subsequently asked to conduct a new survey and draw up plans to restore the building to its former beauty.


The client had been working to get planning permission for many years, but had fallen at a number of obstacles.

Due to the historical nature of the building, the local planning official were hesitant to let any work be done, as they were concerned about changing its appearance.

This, coupled with their concerns that the previous proposals were not sufficiently detailed, meant that the request for planning permission was rejected.

Since then, years have passed and the condition of the building had only deteriorated, meaning more work would need undertaken to preserve the historical features of the building and also make it habitable.

Solution - Structural Assessment

Our work began by starting a brand new, extensive site inspection, where all faults and necessary repairs were documented.

We then prepared a report discussing the condition of the building and the structural options available to either preserve the building in its existing condition or to restore it to its original condition.


The report we provided to the client meant they now have a clear, unbiased document that has been used to open discussions with the local planning office about realistic options for the building.


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