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Case Study

Queen Mary's College


The client, Queen Mary’s College, is a further education college in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Modulus were approached by the architect working for the Queen Mary’s College, who have a long established relationship with Modulus, across many completed projects in the past.


The college was looking for a solution for a building structure with exposed structural elements and the architect on the project wanted to work closely with the Modulus team to ensure the design of the structure was both elegant and functional. Particular attention was required over the timber-to-timber connections and timber-to-steel connections to ensure that they looked suitably refined.


Aiming for a clean and sophisticated result in line with the brief, Modulus were able to design many of the bolts that were supporting the structure to be hidden. Where it was necessary to expose the bolt heads, they were flush fitted using “pig-nose” fittings to give a clean finish. Most of the exposed structure were “glulam” timber beams – used for their strength and ability to provide longer spans than ordinary timber beams, but more attractive than steel or concrete.


The architect and client were very happy with the outcome and the Modulus team have since continued to work closely with the architect on multiple projects, due to the quality and consistency of service provided.

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