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In-house Training Courses

Terms and Conditions


‘Course client’ is the entity for whom a training course is to be provided. ‘Course provider’ is Structronix Ltd which owns the copyright to the course material.


The Course provider will be responsible for:

  • Arranging suitable speakers

  • Arranging a mutually agreeable date between the speakers and course client

  • Paying speaker(s)

  • Providing printed copies of the course notes

  • Liaisisg with the course client regarding the practical arrangement

The course client will:

  • Provide a room at their offices for the training to take place, or make other suitable arrangements for a venue

  • A computer and projection equipment

  • Provide refreshments

Number of course delegates

The maximum number of course delegates is 16. 


Copyright is owned by Structronix Ltd and/or the specific course trainer.

Cancellation by the course client

If the course client cancels the course a credit note or refund will be issued by the course provider, who reserves the right to deduct any reasonable costs incurred prior to cancellation. 

Rescheduling by the course client

If the course client wants to reschedule the date of the course, this must be to a mutually acceptable date. The course provider reserves the right to deduct any reasonable costs incurred in rescheduling. 

Rescheduling by the course provider

Exceptionally there may be a requirement for the course to be rescheduled due to circumstances beyond its control. In this event the course will be rescheduled at the earliest mutually acceptable date. 

Fee arrangements

The course provider will invoice the course client in advance of the course. Payment is due 7 days before the course takes place, in the event of non­payment; the course provider reserves the right to cancel the course.



The costs quoted exclude venue costs and refreshments. The course provider all reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £50 + VAT for the completion of Vendor or Supplier Assessment forms or similar.  

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