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Public Training Courses

Terms and Conditions

Provisional and confirmed status: All courses are considered to be “provisional” until a minimum number of course delegates has been reached, at which point they will be given “confirmed” status. Delegates will be informed by email as soon as a course has been confirmed. Delegates are strongly advised not to make to commit to any non-refundable travel arrangements until a course has been confirmed. The latest date that a course will be confirmed is 8 days before the course date, otherwise it will be cancelled (see Cancellation of Courses).

Cancellation of Courses

Modulus Structural Engineering Ltd reserves the right to cancel a course at any time without liability. In these circumstances, delegates will be given a full refund of the fees paid to Modulus Structural Engineering Ltd.



The course fee will be collected at the time of booking. Exceptionally, an invoice may be issued for the amount due, in which case an administration fee of £25 will be charged and the invoice must be paid in full no later than 5 working days prior to the course start date.



Delegates may be substituted. There is no charge for a substitution. Full details of the substitute must be sent to prior to the day of the course.


Cancellation by Course Delegate

All cancellations must be notified in writing (to or by post) and are subject to the following cancellation fees:


30 days or more

Cancellation within 60 days of booking

Cancellation Fee: None

30 days of more

Cancellation more than 60 days after booking

Cancellation Fee: £12.50


8 to 29 days

“Provisional” course status

Cancellation Fee: None


8 to 29 days “Confirmed” course status

Cancellation Fee: 50% of Course Fee

7 days or less 100% of Course Fee


Personal data

Personal data will collected in line with our Privacy Policy. Personal data will also be passed to MPA – The Concrete Centre and will be used in line with their Privacy Policy.

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