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Case Study

St Mary's University


St Mary’s University were looking to redevelop their “University Student Heart”, a community area within one of their main buildings.

The space housed a variety of services for students, as well as acting as a social hub with a bar and lounge area.

As slightly dated area currently, The University wanted to modernise it as well as improve the on-site campus experience, both for members of staff and students.

The Challenge

The critical point of the project was a support on an existing masonry wall that was positioned over an open plan space.

The area draws a high level of foot traffic, both when students and staff use it, but also throughout the renovation project.

The support for this wall was vital to ensuring the safety of everyone in the area, so any designs would have to drawn up carefully to maintain the integrity of the support.

The Solution

Following a number of extensive site visits where the structural integrity of the building was assessed, we then established which walls were load bearing, and which could be knocked down to make way for a more airy, modern space.

Based on the survey, we then prepared technical calculations & drawings that laid out the new design of the building and included risk assessments for the project.

Along with the technical drawings, we also provided detailed structural specifications, that included information and advice on the building’s foundations and details on the concrete and masonry, in order to give a full picture of the site and work needed.

Finally, we helped with the selection and installation of the steel section, apertures for the services and worked in cross collaboration with the architectural and engineering teams to keep the project running smoothly, safely and on time.


With our help, the University was able to turn this area into a modern, spacious and welcoming space for both staff and students.


The project met the legal requirements for the site to be worked on safely throughout the renovation, whilst enabling some areas to continue to be used by students and staff.

Once the project was completed, the University was keen to bring us back to see the finished article.

The development created an area that can be used by students to access the services they need, as well as relax and socialise in a modern, light, and airy environment that made the most out of the space available

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